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Title: "Democracy Works!" The Presidency of Fidel Valdez Ramos.

Every year throngs of bemused observers watch as Fidel V. Ramos leaps into the air. The leap, which speaks of many victories, is emblematic of the vigor and force of President Ramos the leader. His first historic leap at Edsa in 1986, beamed via satellite across the globe, signified the Philippines' belated return to democracy. There would be other victories in the ensuing years, all of them touching virtually every aspect of his people's lives. This multimedia CD-ROM, with interactive features, presents the many roles that the leader of a dynamically growing economy plays, and the many qualities that enable him to do it. This CD is a mixture of text, photos, audio, video and animation under a wide range of topics, from the many "hats" of FVR to the Philippines under his presidency. Other "don't miss" features include a collection of views about the man and his vision and a heartwarming collage tracing FVR's milestones from his childhood in Pangasinan in the 1920s to his present tenure as the 12th President of the Philippine Republic.


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Publisher : Distributed Processing Systems, Inc.,

Publication Date : 1997


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