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Title: 1st National Conference on Climate Change Adaptation : A2C2.

Upland farming communities and watershed resources in the Philippines are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Upland farmers rely on natural rainfalls as source of water for their crops. A a result they are easily affected by changes in precipitation patterns. A recent study in a Philippine watershed, shows that climate variations have significant impact to crop yields. These impacts range from water scarcity that affect yield to damage to crops by strong winds. The province of Albay has been especially exposed to various climate risks such as tropical cyclones. These could worsen as a result of climate change. The coastal areas must be protected also from sea level rise and storm surges. Communities living along the coastline and in the uplands must be prepared to meet these challenges to the environment, their livelihood and their homes. There is therefore a need to start discussion on how the Philippines can best adapt to the changing climate.


climate change global warming biological system climate hazards

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Publisher : National Conference on Climate Change Adaptation,

Publication Date : 2007


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