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11150 Vitamin and nutritional supplements : Sorting out fact from fiction and amid a storm of controversy. beta carotene folic acid niacin vitamins chromium iron selenium zinc phytochemicals herbs dehydroepiandrosterone melatonin dimethyl sulfoxide biotech medical essay: supplement to mayo clinic health center, june 1997

11436 Waging war from a filthy jar. biotechnology bioremediation technology microorganisms fungi green plants enzymes indigenous exogenous phytoremediation Deinococcus radiodurans genetic engineering

Go, Ian

biotech biolife: a bi-monthly magazine on biotechnology

11018 Wanted: biotechnology to slow down aging. biotechnology transgenic crops tissue culture biotech the mindanao daily mirror

10694 Weed management: implications of herbicide resistant crops. herbicide resistance biotechnology weed management plant pathogen glyphosate glufosinate

Duke, Stephen O.


11078 What are genetically enhanced crops? : Bt corn. biotechnology genetically modified organisms : GMO transgenic crops Bacillus thuringiensis : Bt genetic engineering yieldgard DNA technology biotech

10986 What you should know about food biotechnology biotechnology, insect resistant, herbicide tolerant, environmentally friendly, food safety, genetically modified : GM, biotech

11366 Why is biotechnology important?. innovations Cartagena Protocol globalization information technology renewable energy industrial biotechnology waste management environmental biotechnology biotechnology food chain farming health food security aquaculture marine biotechnology food processing biodiversity bioremediation

Peczon, Benigno D.

biotech biolife: a bi-monthly magazine on biotechnology

10864 Why U.S. farmers are adopting genetically modified crops. biotechnology soybeans Bt corn Bt cotton genetically modified crops

Carpenter, Janet


11290 Wildlife act and its implications on biotechnology. biotechnology biosafety biodiversity genetic resources wildlife conservation biosafety policy guidelines

Custodio, Carlo C.


11187 WTO/SPS on genetically modified foods. biotechnology genetically modified organisms : GMOs biosafety food security gene transfer transgenic crops allergenicity

Pakdee Pothisiri