List of Cds : 383

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
9637 Collection on Critical Global Issues 2.0. environment development food and nutrition cd

9638 Combination Between Empirical Modelling and Remote Sensing Technology in Estimating Biomass and Carbon Stock of Oil Palm, Salim Indoplantation in Riau remote sensing technology biomass carbon stock oil palm Indoplantation satellite images ground based leaf area index ( LAI )

Tin Moe Htut


9639 Community-based Natural Resource Management in the Mountainous Area of Guizhou Province (China). natural resource management Guizhou China food and nutrition health rural community agriculture forest land resource management livestock and poultry waste and grassland industrial management system cd

9640 Community-Based Sustainable Tourism : Guidebook. community-based sustainable tourism capacity building information education and communication linkage and networking policies development biodiversity biological environment cd

9641 Conversations about Plant Biotechnology : Farmers Around the World Discuss their Experiences with Biotech Cops. plant biotechnology farmers biotech crops food production agriculture cd

9547 Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management. forest forest management biophysical socio-economic policy indicators resource book database cd

9642 Crop Nutrition and Fertilization Management of Selected Tropical Fruit Crops and Tropical Industrial Tree Crops. crop nutrition fertilization management tropical fruit crops tropical industrial tree crops fruit production fertilizer agronomy morphology horticulture

Severino S. Magat, PhD


9475 Crop Protection Compendium. crop pests insect pests crop improvement programmes crop protection weeds nematodes diptera taxonomic tree cd

9532 CSSAC Research Bee Program : Bee keeping Program and Cultural Management Practices of Bees in Bicol Region. Bee keeping Program and Cultural Management Practices of Bees in Bicol Region. Bee keeping stingless bees cd

9643 Development and Cooperation (D+C) Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit (E+Z). agriculture rural development conferences democracy human rights development cooperation development policy development institutions finance economic development and globalization cd