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13578 Zampen chicken brings hope to inmates chicken; inmates; income

Yap, Julio P. Jr.

serials agriculture magazine

2726 Zero tillage for weed control in India: the contribution to poverty alleviation. poverty agricultural productivity income distribution India

Corbishley, James; Pearce, David

book impact assessment series 40

5488 Zero waste management for health and more income. poultry farm, chicken manure, waste management, egg production, waste disposal, Biosec, feeds, egg tray, Wellisa Farms,

Pablico, Sosimo Ma.

serials agriculture magazine

5970 Zeroing in on food safety. food safety beta-agonists clenbuterol salbutamol livestock additives ractopamine lean-enhancing agent

Landicho, Elito Ferry

serials agriculture magazine

7361 Zinc Critical Levels and Supplying Powers of Takhli, Loei, and Khorat Soil Series for Corn Production. assessment, corn, critical level, reserve, soils, supplying power, zinc,

Amnat Suwanarit

serials the kasetsart journal : natural science

11984 Zinc requirement of broiler chicks animal science zinc broiler chicks atomic absorption method alkaline phosphatase

Kusol Comprau


10215 Zoology. zoology animals cell division evolution ecology animal classification communication circulatory system nutrition digestion temperature reproduction energy enzymes embryology

Miller, Stephen A.; Goodall, Leonard E.


9980 Zoology. zoology cells evolution animals animal classification animal behavior embryology energy reproduction nutrition circulatory system body fluid regulation nervous system sensory system protection

Miller, Stephen A.; Harley, John P.


3473 Zooplankton population periodicity in a tropical pond

Brummett, R.E.

serials naga: the iclarm quarterly