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10295 World economic outlook - May 2001 : Fiscal policy and macroeconomic stability. economy inflation monetary regimes foreign trade purch

10293 World economic outlook - October 2001 : Information technology revolution. economy trading system business cycle information technology capital account liberalization capital flows labor productivity growth purch

10139 World resources 2000-2001 : People and ecosystems. ecosystems degradation agroecosystems coastal ecosystems forest ecosystems freshwater ecosystems grasslands ecosystems mountain ecosystems polar ecosystems urban ecosystems purch

10333 World wide investor: Risks, rewards and opportunities for the astute investor. financial planning investments bank accounts dollar averaging asset allocation international securities currency exchange real estate

Corney, William J.; Goodall, Leonard E.


10512 Writing a report: How to prepare, write and present really effective reports. report writing

Bowden, John


10116 Writing and grammar: Communication in action. writing grammar autobiographical writing narration short story descriptive writing persuasive essay exposition research report literature purch

10531 Writing and reporting news: A coaching method. news news writing media writing storytelling broadcast news writing online journalism public relations writing media ethics multicultural sensitivity media law beat reporting speeches news conferences crime stories reporting techniques statistical stories

Rich, Carole


9899 Writing business letters. business writing business letters formats grammar paragraph construction tenses verbs application letter Resume Curriculum Vitae Resignation Letter Sales Letters inter-office communication Minutes of the Meeting Resolution Memorandum E-mail Routing Slips Voicemail systems Fax Machine

Egipto, J.J.L.


13069 Writing research papers: A complete guide research; academic writing; plagiarism; research paper; research project

Lester, James D.; Lester, James D. Jr.


10329 Yayaman ka rin: Huwag sayangin ang pinaghirapang pera!. business money funds expenditures investments

Damaso, Jimeno M.