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3179 Yogurt production from a dairy blend of coconut milk and skimmilk powder. Fermentation, coconut milk, niyogurt, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus,

Davide, C. L.

serials the philippine journal of coconut studies

14459 Yolanda patrol: How TV Patrol and 24 Hours communicated the risks of typhoon Yolanda through emotion and tone typhoon Yolanda; affect heuristic; risk communication; content analysis

Embate, John Mervin L.; Mendoza, Ma. Jestine J.

serials up los banos journal

5710 You can induce flowering of your dendrobium. dendrobiums induce flowering foliar fertilizer manure tea fish washing serials the philippine agriculture magazine

14323 Young academic uses indigenous plants to connect with his family history indigenous plants; lotus; elephant foot yam; indigenous vegetables

Tan, Yvette

serials agriculture magazine

6109 Young aquaculturists use Nova Pure PCM Aqua for lablab production. lablab bio-organic fertilizer chicken manure fishponds

Pablico, Sosimo Ma.

serials agriculture magazine

7104 Young coconut husk yields natural dye. coconut husk dyes aqueous extract

Abello, Melpha M.

serials agriculture magazine

4259 Young coconut husk: Potential source of dye for textiles. coconut husks, dye, aliquots, tannin, serials agriculture

6949 Young coconut peeling machine. young coconut peeling machine

Chaiyong Harach; Bundit Jarimopas

serials the kasetsart journal : natural science

5994 Young datu finds success in farming high-value vegetables. vegetable farming Livelihood Enhancement and Peace Program livelihood serials agriculture magazine

4176 Young entrepreneurs venture into hydroponics. hydroponics, lettuce,

Tordesillas, C.E.

serials agriculture