List of Books : 3846

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
515 World Resources 1992-93: A Guide to the Global Environment Sustainable development population human development food agriculture energy oceans coasts freshwater wildlife habitat forests rangelands atmosphere climate policies nongovernmental organizations book

245 World Rice Statistics 1990 rice production yields imports exports food aid tariff land use irrigation farm size population labor force fertilizer use domestic prices consumption wages rice varieties book

2159 Worm control for small ruminants in tropical Asia. worm control small ruminants sheep goats parasites Southeast Asia Philippines Vietnam Indonesia Nepal Malaysia Thailand Lao Cambodia Fiji Papua New Guinea

Sani, R.A.; Gray, G.D.; Baker, R.L. (eds.)


13629 WPP strategic action plan 2012-2016 water; communication strategy; knowledge management book

3134 Write a thesis and other research articles for refereed journals and symposia : A brief guide. technical writing constructing tables graphs technical visual presentation technical paper poster paper

Bautista, Ofelia K.; Rosario, Teresita L.; Bautista, Roberto K., Jr.


2367 Writing winning reports and proposals. report writing proposals book

2915 Yam nutrition: Nutrient disorders and soil fertility management. yams nutritional value nutrient disoders soil fertility yield determination nutrient deficiencies mineral toxicities

O'Sullivan, Jane N.

book aciar monograph no. 144

1177 Yayaman ka rin: Huwag sayangin ang pinaghirapang pera. expenses money

Damaso, Jimeno M.


420 Yeast Genetics: fundamentals and applied aspects. genetic control cell proliferation gene conversion meiosis sporulation yeast mitochondria nucleic acid

Spencer, J.F.T.; Spencer, D.M.; Smith, A.R.W. (eds.)

book springer series in molecular biology

2840 Yield gap analysis of major rainfed crops of northern Vietnam using simulation modeling. crop production yield gap analysis

Chuc, N.T.; Singh, Piara; Srinivas, K.; Ramakrishna, A.; Chinh, N.T.; Thang, N.V.; Wani, S.P.

book global theme on agroecosystems report no. 26