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2836 Yield gap analysis of sorghum and pearl millet in India using simulation modeling. sorghum pearl millet production trends yield gap analysis

Murty, M.V.R.; Singh, P.; Wani, S.P.; Khairwal, I.S.; Srinivas, K.

book global theme on agroecosystems report no. 37

1383 You, too, can start your own business. business capital marketing enterprises book

604 Young successor farmers in Asia and the Pacific: Report of a study meeting extension education economic development government policies farmers book

3146 Youth & agriculture: The infomediary campaign in the Philippines. youth farming communities

Manalo, Jaime A., IV; Balmeo, Katherine; Berto, Jayson; Saludez, Fredierick


15635 Youth of China in the new era youth development plan; education; social activities; community service; entrepreneurship; innovation

The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China


2726 Zero tillage for weed control in India: the contribution to poverty alleviation. poverty agricultural productivity income distribution India

Corbishley, James; Pearce, David

book impact assessment series 40