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13221 Value chain thinking: A trainer’s manual value chain; market; postharvest; farmers

Dent, Benjamin; Macharia, John; Aloyce, Agatha


15314 Veterinary vaccines: principles and applications livestock production; vaccines; immune response; vaccination; monitoring; quality control; standards; animal diseases; disease prevention; disease control

Metwally, S.; Viljoen, G.; El Idrissi, A. (Eds.)


15413 VIII International conference on management of the diamondback moth and other crucifer insect pests, Proceedings diamondback moth; Plutella xylostella; climate change; biological control; insecticides; cauliflowers; cabbages; mustards; resistance; genetic analysis; Pak choi

Srinivasan, R.; Sotelo-Cardona, P.; Zalucki, M.P.; Shelton, A.M.


13856 Voices of impact: Speaking for the global commons - Stories from 25 years of environmental innovation for sustainable development farmer field school; solar technology; technology transfer; climate change; resilience; flood management; women; land degradation; environmental innovations; biodiversity; hazardous chemical wastes; food security; cotton; community conservation; renewable energy; organic pollution; protected areas conservation; climate proofing; tuna fisheries; forests; sustainable development weblinks

14760 Vulnerability of agriculture production networks and global food value chains due to natural disaster agricultural production; food value chains; natural disasters; models; policies; vulnerability; social vulnerability; disaster resilience; organic agriculture; poverty reduction; flood; drought; land use changes; soil and water management; community resilience; sustainable development; watershed; food industry; ICT; industrial agricultural production; integrated landscape management; women; socially inclusive development; upscaling; food security; agricultural development; environment; climate change; ASEAN weblinks

13887 Water, security, and conflict water; security; conflict; resilience; climate change

Peter Gleick, Peter; Iceland, Charles


14831 Ways to achieve green Asia climate change; environment; public sector governance; economic impacts; environmental regulation; carbon markets; trade; globalization; foreign direct investment weblinks

13730 What a Waste 2.0 A global snapshot of solid waste management to 2050 solid waste management; waste administration; waste treatment; disposal; waste generation

Kaza, Silpa; Yao, Lisa; Bhada-Tata, Perinaz; Van Woerden, Frank


15879 What do we know about effectiveness of adaptation in reducing climate risks? A review of methodologies and evidence on adaptations in the agri-food systems climate change; climate change adaptation; data; remote sensing; models; indicators; risk; satellite imagery

Koo, Jawoo; Reymondin, Louis; O Fionnagain, Dualta; O'Farrell, Jemima; Geever, Michael; Codyre, Patricia; Golden, Aaron; Spillane, Charles


14839 What is the evidence-base for climate-smart agriculture in Malawi? An analysis of what works where powered by Evidence for Resilient Agriculture (ERA). climate-smart agriculture; food security; agriculture; climate change; Malawi

Steward, Peter; Nyoka, Isaac; Lamanna, Christine; Kamau, Hannah; Namoi, Nictor; Nowak, Andreea; Rosenstock, Todd

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