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11344 'Use biotech to end poverty'. environmental production health World Health Organization (WHO) Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety risk assessment GM crops anthropogenic forces ecosystems sustainable management climate change water management tropical agriculture therapeutic diagnostic antiretroviral medicines soil nutrients agroforestry oral rehydration therapies antimalarial bed nets immunizations vaccines food production Green revolution agriculture food security agricultural jobs agribusiness investment agricultural importations economic development food production science-for-development poverty agriculture

Yap, Arthur C.

biotech bioliffe: a quarterly magazine on biotechnology

11317 101 facts about rice in the Philippines. rice yield gaps irrigation National Food Authority : NFA Philippines rice consumption

Tolentino, V. Bruce J.


10951 2001 Biennial convention on Food and Asian Agriculture : Technology, environmental and resource challenges to future sustainable growth. Technology, environmental and resource challenges to future sustainable growth. asian agriculture technology biotechnology sustainable agriculture crops production environmental management resource management local governance biotech

10950 24th Regional Alumni Inst. symposium on the public health implications of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). biotechnology, genetically modified organims : GMOs, health, medicine, food safety, risk management, gene revolution, insect resistance, herbicide tolerance, biotech

11380 A 'lifetime' educator's view on biotechnology and good governance. biotechnology, alternative learning systems, local governance, Edicio de la Torre, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority : TESDA, global competitiveness, rural development, social integration, community-based, enterprise development, poverty, distance-learning, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), lakbay-aral, indigenous people, biotech biolife: a bi-monthly magazine on biotechnology

10853 A better understanding of maize streak virus. biotechnology maize Kenya Rockefeller maize streak virus

Njuguna, Jackson

biotech isaaa briefs no. 15

11418 A budding partnership. biotechnology indigenous people : IPs modern farming techniques tribals minus one element technique leaf color chart Philippine Rice Research Institute agriculture Lumads Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines technology transfer Davao Matigsalog Manobo Datu Edgardo Laidan Datu Mampudya tribespeople poverty

Gevera, Mai B.

biotech biolife: a bi-monthly magazine on biotechnology

11103 A conceptual framework for implementing biosafety : Linking policy, capacity, and regulation. Linking policy, capacity, and regulation. biosafety cartagena protocol policy capacity building risk assessment risk management biotechnology biodiversity living modified organisms : LMOs

McLean, Morven A.

biotech isnar briefing paper no. 47

11496 A conceptual framework for implementing biosafety: linking policy, capacity, and regulation. biosafety, policy, regulation, biotechnology, sustainable,

McLean, M.A


11304 A consumer-focused perspective on biotechnology foods in Asia. biotechnology food safety recombinant DNA : rDNA food labelling consumer knowledge information dissemination Asia

Cairns, Georgina