List of Biotech materials : 812

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10829 Application for field trial of papaya transformed with resistance to papaya ringspot virus disease : Thailand's draft field trial application. papaya ringspot virus transgenic papayas biotechnology Thailand biotech isaaa briefs no. 11

11308 Application of eLearning to support sustainable agriculture: The experience of the Asia-Pacific Regional Technology Centre. information and communication technologies : ICTs information technology sustainable agriculture agricultural information

Raab, Robert T.


11055 Appreciating risk communication in biotechnology. biotechnology biotech

10963 Are foods derived from GM crops safe? genetically modified : GM food safety gene plant breeding biotechnology allergens antibiotic resistance DNA risk assessment biotech pocket k

11027 Area planted to transgenic crops on the rise very fast. biotechnology transgenic crops crop management sustainable agriculture gene transfer biotic stress food security biotech manila bulletin

11438 Artificial insemination yields twin calves. artificial insemination livestock farming AI program cattle raising cattle carabao rice corn twin calves Ireneo Naparato native cow Bulgarian murrah buffalo income

Ogatis, James Earl E.

biotech biolife: a bi-monthly magazine on biotechnology

10708 ASEAN guidelines on risk assessment of agriculture-related gentically modified organisms (GMOs). ASEAN risk assessment biotechnology intellectual property rights NAGM

ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture and Forestry

biotech biotechnology publication series no. 1

10776 Asian Agriculture Congress : Food security and environment protection in the new millenium. Food security and environment protection in the new millenium. food security environment protection biotechnology natural resource transgenics information technology cropping systems crop physiology genetics rice biotech

11250 Asian-European executive training for food industry : brochure. brochure. food science and technology global food industry technology transfer consortium food processing food safety food fermentation biotech

11124 Aspartame helps keep weight off. weight management obesity aspartame calories high blood pressure biotech reprinted from food insight, jul/aug 1993