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10869 Benefits and concerns associated with recombinant DNA biotechnology-derived foods. rDNA biotechnology-derived foods food technology golden rice organic acid enzymes Saccharomyces cerevisiae animal feed food safety pest and disease resistance allergenicity biotech

10724 Beyond cartagena: collaboration in biosafety implementation. cartagena biosafety living modified organisms risk assessment biotechnology

Traynor, Patricia L.


11275 Biochemistry of Philippine indigenous legumes. indigenous food legumes morphological traits chemical composition biochemistry trypsin inhibitors hemagglutinins flatulence factors tannins cyanogenic glycosides sulfur-amino acids

Tecson-Mendoza, Evelyn Mae


11369 Biocommerce pick up stride. bioindustries mushrooming solid waste biotechnology biofertilizers pharmaceutical industries biodiversity sustainable agriculture poverty alleviation transgenic crops genetically modified organisms (GMO) food security sustainable development nanotechnology genomics communication technology information technology cosmetic industries BioWise UNESCO United Nations Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Small Firm Merit Award for Research and Technology (SMART) SMEs Kenya Uganda Africa United Kingdom Thailand China tissue culture

Salvador, Roja

biotech biolife: a bi-monthly magazine on biotechnology

11194 Biodiversity adds value. rice biodiversity glutinous rice pathogens IRRI biotech rice today

11061 Bioengineering of crops : Report of the World Bank Panel on transgenic crops. Report of the World Bank Panel on transgenic crops. transgenic plants plant genetic engineering crops biotechnology gene transformation Bacillus thuringiensis : Bt recombinant DNA : rDNA herbicide resistance food safety allergenicity

Kendall, Henry W.; Beachy, Roger; Eisher, Thomas; Gould, Fred; Herdt, Robert; Raven, Peter H.; Schell, Jozef S.

biotech essd studies monograph series 23

11472 Bioethics in Asia: an overview. bioethics biotechnology bioinformatics somatic cell nuclear transfer technique in vitro fertilization (IVF) embryonic stem cells blastula spare gametes genetically modified foods ethical theory metaethical analysis health socio-economic genetic modification breeding cloning

De Castro, Leonardo

biotech asian biotechnology and development review

11395 Biofactories for food, better health for all. chromatography recombinant genetically engineered products equine rabies immuno-globulin (ERIG) animal biopharma Philippines Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) Department of Health (DOH) World Health Organization (WHO) GE Healthcare Biosciences Servac Philippines Corp. Mindanao food production dairy cooperatives Philippine Carabao Center Department of Agriculture Danilo V. Fausto super buffaloes artificial insemination dairy products biotechnology health wellness products genetics biofactory anti-rabies serum carabaos virtual food Central Luzon milk production biotech biolife: a bi-monthly magazine on biotechnology

11445 Biofuel opens new doors for agriculture. biotechnology feedstock biomass sources Jatropha oil palm coconut biofuel biodiesel production renewable sources ethanol high-octane renewable fuel sugarcane corn cassava ethanol production USA Brazil biotech greenfields magazine

11486 Bioinformatics for plant biotechnology biotechnology bioinformatics genomes in vitro in silico DNA RNA plant breeding genetic engineering biotech pocket k