List of Books : 3504

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2740 "We are living with worry all the time" - A participatory poverty assessment of the Tonle Sap. poverty assessment gender natural resource management livelihood migration rural credit poverty reduction forest resources

Ballard, Brett M.; Sloth, Christian; Wharton, David; FitzGerald, Ingrid; Murshid, K.A.S.; Hansen, Kasper K.; Runsinarith, Phim


1152 (Un) Sustainable development and social (in) security sustainable development sustainability indicators

Sajise, Percy E.


1210 10 Best businesses in the next 10 years. economic projections business opportunities markets

Damaso, Jimeno M.


1465 100 Years of Philippine fisheries and marine science. fishing industry, aquaculture, inland fisheries, marine science, lakes, species, Philippines, book

14290 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition - 31st BAR Anniversary agriculture; fisheries; financial viability; nipa palm sugar; Batuan products; mushroom products; coffee processing technologies; cacao production; cacao products; queen pineapple; Mangifera liquer; mango; corn products; abaca products; Chevon-based products; goat meat; corn silage production; dairy cattle; plant proteins; meat analog; textured meat; soy flour; guyabano product development; algal paste technology; aquaculture; microbial inoculant; pests and diseases book

551 15th PCARRD pre-anniversary symposium: Theme: Strengthening Regional Research Management; and Los Banos Science Community Awarding Ceremony Research fungus biological control natural resources book

2493 1983 Rice Germplasm Conservation Workshop. rice conservation genetic resources germplasm seed preservation book

724 19th Asian rice farming systems working group meeting : Report of the Asian-Rice Farming System Working Group, 11-15 November 1988. Report of the Asian-Rice Farming System Working Group, 11-15 November 1988. Farming systems agricultural systems cropping systems multiple cropping system rice sustainable agriculture extension research linkages farmers participation impact assessment book

2028 20 Million coconut farmers are victims of levy racket. coconut industry farmers tenancy socio-economic structure anomalies levies Philippines

David, Virgilio M.


3085 2011 Global food policy report. food policy food policy development food prices biofuels land degradation global food system food policy tools book