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13706 At the root of exodus: Food security, conflict and international migration food security; migration; conflict; livelihood weblinks

13832 The state of world fisheries and aquaculture 2018 - Meeting the sustainable development goals fisheries; aquaculture; sustainable development; capture fisheries production; fishery resources; fish utilization; trade; consumption; governance; policy; food security; human nutrition; inland fisheries; illegal fishing; unregulated fishing; climate change impacts; small-scale fisheries; international trade; value chains; ocean pollution; social issues weblinks

14016 2018 Global Food Policy Report food policy; food security; trade; investment; nutrition; migration; open access data; knowledge; developed countries; food policy indicators; governance; agriculture weblinks

14017 A thriving agricultural sector in a changing climate: Meeting Malabo Declaration goals through climate-smart agriculture climate change; agriculture; food security; climate-smart agriculture; trade; precision agriculture; nutrition; gender-sensitive weblinks

13857 ABS is genetic resources for sustainable development genetic resources; sustainable development; biological diversity; Africa; Arab States; Asia; Central and Eastern Europe; Latin America; Caribbean; Pacific Islands weblinks

14684 Acceptance and readiness of Thai farmers toward digital technology acceptance; readiness; digital farming; digital technology; technology adoption; Thailand

Sayruamyat, Suwanna; Nadee, Winai


13859 Achieving land degradation neutrality for people and planet land degradation; sustainable development; landscape restoration; community-based land management weblinks

13704 Achieving water, energy and food security in Indonesia sustainable development; water; energy; food security; climate mitigation; adaptation; Indonesia

Bellfield, Helen; Sabogal, David; Pareira, Jeni; Gangga, Adi; Leggett, Matt


13833 Advancing the role of natural regeneration in large-scale forest and landscape restoration in the Asia-Pacific region forest and landscape restoration; climate change; tree planting; economic and social impacts; incentives; livelihood; genetic diversity weblinks

13845 Agricultural extension policies in the Philippines: Towards enhancing the delivery of technological services agricultural extension; policies; extension services; Philippines

Ani, Princess Alma B.; Correa, Aleta Belissa D.