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13706 At the root of exodus: Food security, conflict and international migration food security; migration; conflict; livelihood weblinks

13832 The state of world fisheries and aquaculture 2018 - Meeting the sustainable development goals fisheries; aquaculture; sustainable development; capture fisheries production; fishery resources; fish utilization; trade; consumption; governance; policy; food security; human nutrition; inland fisheries; illegal fishing; unregulated fishing; climate change impacts; small-scale fisheries; international trade; value chains; ocean pollution; social issues weblinks

9476 "Democracy Works!" The Presidency of Fidel Valdez Ramos. Fidel Valdez Ramos president state of the nation address inaugural speeches cd

8443 "Eugene" goes to work for the city of pines: The vermicomposting initiative of Baguio City. pines vermicomposting fertilizer

Guerrero, Rafael D.


12847 "Farmsyal" agritourism meet-up farm resort

Veneracion, Angie M.


4098 "Palayamanan" to show how farmers can increase income. income farmers gabi duck raising vegetables serials

6323 "Pangga": The darling fish of Mindanao. fish Cream Dory Pangasius hypothalmus pond-cultured

Guerrero III, Rafael D.


11076 "Risk communication" : tools to help in getting biotechnology accepted. biotechnology genetically modified foods food safety transgenic crops biotech

8385 "STANDZ". animal salmonella poultry

Sison, Jaime, A.


9002 "Superfood" and farms in Calabarzon. brassicas cabbages mustards cauliflower cole crops crucifers

Rodriguez, Tony A.