List of Materials : 16369

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12872 113th KSK farmers training for sustainable agriculture benefits indigenous people Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Training Program on Sustainable Agriculture Obo-Manobo tribe serials agriculture magazine

14167 12 tons of expensive mushrooms produced every day mushroom; products; Taiwan

Sarian, Zac B.

serials agriculture magazine

9421 13 Tons of Corn per Hectare. corn plant food Wokozim

Puyat, Alfonso

serials agriculture magazine

14290 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum and Product Exhibition - 31st BAR Anniversary - Proceedings agriculture; fisheries; financial viability; nipa palm sugar; Batuan products; mushroom products; coffee processing technologies; cacao production; cacao products; queen pineapple; Mangifera liqueur; mango; corn products; abaca products; Chevon-based products; goat meat; corn silage production; dairy cattle; plant proteins; meat analog; textured meat; soy flour; guyabano product development; algal paste technology; aquaculture; microbial inoculant; pests and diseases book

12871 150 coffee farms to be established Nestle Nescafe Plan creating shared value (CSV) serials agriculture magazine

13401 150th batch of KSK trainees graduates in Lemery cultivation

Yap, Julio P. Jr.

serials agriculture magazine

10055 151 quick ideas to recognize and reward employees. incentives in industry; incentive awards; recognition; rewards; employees

Lloyd, Ken


13522 157th farmers' training program in Dinalupihan, Bataan training; farmers; greenhouse technology serials agriculture magazine

6902 15N-aided studies on effects on maize and balance sheets of different forms of N fertilizer. balance sheet ion absorption nutrient distribution maize N fertilizer recovery

Amnat Suwanarit; Nualchavee Roongtanakiat; Jarong Rungchuang; Somporn Thongdaeng

serials the kasetsart journal : natural science

551 15th PCARRD pre-anniversary symposium: Theme: Strengthening Regional Research Management; and Los Banos Science Community Awarding Ceremony Research fungus biological control natural resources book book series no.74/1988