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13929 2016 Philippine climate change assessment - Working Group 1 - The physical science basis global climate; temperature; water cycle; sea level; carbon cycle; historical changes; rainfall; tropical cyclones; wind patterns; Philippine climate; El Nino; ENSO; aerosols; urban air pollution; urbanization; climate models; projections

Villatin, Jose Ramon T. Sr.


13141 2017 Global food policy report food security; nutrition; smallholders; urbanization; rural-urban linkages; hunger; malnutrition; nutrition; diets; agriculture; value chains; food systems; governance; food markets; technology indicators; food policy indicators; Africa; Middle East; North Africa; Central Asia; South Asia; East Asia; Latin America; Caribbean book

13638 2017 Global hunger index - The inequalities of hunger hunger; inequality; malnutrition

von Grebmer, K.; Bernstein, J.; Hossain, N.; Brown, T.; Prasai, N.; Yohannes, Y.; Patterson, F.; Sonntag, A.; Zimmermann, S.-M;. Towey, O.; Foley, C.


13117 2017 Philippine climate change assessment - Working group 2 - Impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation climate change; vulnerability; sensitivity; adaptation; forests; coastal ecosystem; marine ecosystem; biodiversity; sustainable development; freshwater resources; mitigation; rainfall intensity; risks; tropical cyclones; watershed areas; water; temperature; evapotranspiration; monsoons; surface water; groundwater; floods; erosion; sediment transport; droughts; policies; agriculture; fisheries; coastal integrity; internal seas; upwelling area; marine biogeochemistry; estuaries; mangroves; seagrasses; coral reefs; human utilization; coastal zone; socio-economics; human society; cost; trade-offs

Cruz, Rex Victor O.; Alino, Porfirio M.; David, Primo C.; David, Laura T.; Lansigan, Felino P.; Lasco, Rodel D.; Lorenzo, Fely Marilyn E.; Perez, Rosa T.; Pulhin, Juan M.


14016 2018 Global Food Policy Report food policy; food security; trade; investment; nutrition; migration; open access data; knowledge; developed countries; food policy indicators; governance; agriculture weblinks

13989 2018 Philippine climate change assessment - Working Group 3 - Mitigation of climate change climate change; mitigation; greenhouse gas; energy; emissions; sustainable development; livestock; agriculture; forestry; land use; waste management; waste generation; waste reduction; reuse; recycling; landfill management; agricultural soils; livestock; rice cultivation; REDD+; greening; ecolabelling

Buendia, Leandro V.; Lasco, Rodel D.


15320 2022 Global food policy report: Climate change and food systems climate change; food systems; nutrition; food security; mitigation; trade; social protection; governance; diet; resilience; healthy diets; innovation; value chains; finance; research; data; technology; policies Coronavirus; coronavirus disease; COVID-19 weblinks

722 20th Asian rice farming systems working group meeting : Report of the Asian Rice Farming Systems Working Group, 2-7 Oct 1989. Report of the Asian Rice Farming Systems Working Group, 2-7 Oct 1989. Indonesia Vietnam Philippines farming systems multiple cropping rice-wheat cropping systems crop-animal cropping systems farmers participation research and extension linkages upland crops simulation modelling crop establishment book

14605 20th National Student-Faculty Conference on the Statistical Sciences: Innovation in Data Analytics using Diverse Data Sources, 1 Oct 2019 - Conference Proceedings crime cases; youth unemployment rate; inflated count data; overdispersion; ZkIP distribution; excessive counts; immunohistochemical factor; clinical factor; lung adenocarcinoma patients; non-smokers; Philippines book

10505 21st century trends, issues and challenges in Philippine education. education higher education cyberspace licensure examination academic entrepreneurship teacher institutional accreditation sustainable development intellectual property rights total quality management

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