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10366 A legal arsenal for the Philippine environment. land human habitat local governance economics of ecology water national territory Bill of Rights social justice environmental laws protected areas protected species legal codes energy minerals offenses penalties freshwater waterways sanitation Philippine Agenda 21 environmental investment incentives small and medium enterprises environmental threats restraining orders legal forms

Oposa, Antonio A., Jr.


10520 A look at research in education. research research proposal research report experimental research qualitative research data analysis

Best, John W.; Kahn, James V.


9974 A manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations. dissertations report writing abbreviations spelling capitalization quotations tables illustrations notes bibliographies public documents manuscript formats

Turabian, Kate L.


10387 A sense of urgency. urgency; complacency; management; organization

Kotter, John P.


9959 A trainer's guide for participatory learning and action. trainer facilitator training methods teaching group dynamics team building participatory learning workshops games exercises

Pretty, J.N.; Guijt, I.; Scoones, I.; Thompson, J.

purch iied participatory methodology series

10548 A veterinarian's textbook in gamefowl / poultry management. gamefowl production breeding selection egg selection feeding requirements feeds water consumption medication vaccination

Derije, Jesus Antonio G.


10396 A whack on the side of the head: How you can be more creative. creative thinking

von Oech, Roger


10227 Abstracting and indexing made easy. abstracting indexing bibliographic reference MARC

Buenrostro, Juan C., Jr.


10165 Advanced manual on project evaluation - Volume 2. project evaluation financial analysis economic analysis foreign exchange economic prices goods and services labor project appraisal risk project finance purch

15457 Advances in research on vegetable production under a changing climate. Vol. 2 vegetable production; climate change; mitigation strategies; nutritional stress management; seed production; kitchen gardening; protected cultivation; postharvest quality; insect pests; molecular breeding; grafting; kitchen gardening; tuber crops production; vegetables

Shashank Shekhar Solankey; Meenakshi Kumari (eds.)