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9983 Advancing development: Core themes in global economics. development economics economic development inequality conflict human development globalization development finance poverty growth development strategies health improvements violence

Mavrotas, George; Shorrocks, Anthony (eds.)


10464 Advancing the science of climate change. climate change research sea level rise coastal environment freshwater resources ecosystems biodiversity agriculture fisheries food production public health transportation solar radiation human security energy supply purch

10406 Agenda for hope: Promoting sustainable development - Managing water for a sustainable future. water supply water resources development water conservation water quality coastal zone leadership Anilao Batangas Tingloy Mabini Donsol Sorsogon

Dayrit, Fabian M. (ed.)


10558 Agrarian law and social legislation. agrarian reform laws domestic workers act migrant workers paternity leave act solo parents' welfare act disability special protection of children women anti-violence anti-trafficking anti-sexual harassment senior citizens home development mutual fund national health insurance social security government insurance

Ungos, Paulino D. Jr.; Ungos, Paulino Q. III


10302 Agrarian reform in commercial farms: Designing an appropriate institutional response. banana industry production agrarian reform beneficiaries

Rodriguez, Joel I.

purch mode research papers, v.1(3)

9957 Agrarian reform, cooperatives, and taxation. agrarian reform poverty population social justice constitutional provision laws land acquisition tenancy relations disputes cooperatives customs duties value added tax business taxation tax exemptions income tax

Aralar, Reynaldo B.


10560 Agribusiness fundamentals and applications. agribusiness agricultural economics agribusiness technologies partnerships corporations cooperatives franchises farm credit agricultural credit bookkeeping accounting production economics economic analysis agrimarketing trade retailing careers

Ricketts, Cliff; Ricketts, Kristina G.


10673 Agribusiness management. agribusiness marketing management financial management operations management human resource management

Barnard, Freddie L.; Akridge, Jay T.; Dooley, Frank J.; Foltz, John C.; Yeager, Elizabeth A.


15239 Agricultural internet of things and decision support for precision smart farming agricultural internet of things; remote sensing; proximal sensing; data processing; statistical approach; decision making; robotics; smart agriculture; precision farming; case studies

Castrignano, Annamaria; Buttafuoco; Gabriele; Khosla, Raj; Mouazen, Abdul M.; Moshou, Dimitrios; Naud, Olivier (Eds.)


10596 Agricultural policy: Perspective from the Philippines and other developing countries. agricultural policy policymaking process agricultural taxation agrarian reform farm inputs agricultural input policies rural credit agricultural research and development extension irrigation farm mechanization trade liberalization agricultural markets price stability food safety climate change sustainable agriculture policy analysis

Pabuayon, Isabelita M.; Catelo, Salvador P.; Rola, Agnes C.; Paris, Tirso B. Jr.