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10433 Agricultural price distortions, inequality, and poverty. agricultural prices farm income agricultural wages government policy poverty China Indonesia Pakistan Philippines Thailand Mozambique South Africa Argentina Brazil Nicaragua

Anderson, Kym; Cockburn, John; Martin, Will (eds.)


10018 Agricultural statistics 25 years: 1975-2000. statistics natural disaster livestock population forestry meteorology irrigation gross domestic product agriculture export import purch

10019 Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a trading system for development. World Trade Organization DOHA Development Round trade agreements export policies market access trade liberalization agricultural policy reform food security sanitary and phytosanitary agreement food safety biotechnology intellectual property rights

Ingco, M.D.; Nash, J.D. (eds.)


15454 Agriculture innovation systems in Asia : Towards inclusive rural development agricultural innovations; rural development; sustainable agriculture; ICT; sustainable agriculture transformation; social capital

Singh, Lakhwinder; Gill, Anita


10654 Agroecology: The ecology of sustainable food systems. agricultural ecology sustainable agriculture agricultural systems plants abiotic factors biotic factors population ecology genetic resources agroecosystem diversity food system species interactions light temperature humidity rainfall wind soil water fire

Gliessman, Stephen R.


10616 Alternative workforce strategies. workforce, strategies,

Garber, Peter R.

purch hr skill series

10294 Amaranthaceae of the Philippines. Amaranthaceae colites cockscomb species Philippines

Rivero, Gilda C.


10482 Amazing healing plants, Volume 1. medicinal plants, ailments, botanical names,

Kurian, J.C.


10091 An evaluation of small-scale freshwater rural aquaculture development for poverty reduction. poverty capital assets carps tilapia cage farming extension appropriate technology purch

10584 An experiential approach to organizational development. organizational development change employee empowerment team development

Brown, Donald R.