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ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
9960 Basic statistics. statistics probability sampling data collection frequency distribution linear correlation variance multiple correlation

Ybañez, L.M.


10059 Basics of qualitative research: Techniques and procedures for developing grounded theory. qualitative data analysis statistical methods Grounded Theory evaluation

Corbin, Juliet; Strauss, Anselm


10564 Beach forest species and mangrove associates in the Philippines. coastal plants forest species mangrove plants identification classification uses leaves flowers fruits

Primavera, Jurgenne H.; Sadaba, Resurreccion B.


10565 Beef and poultry meat processing. meat classification beef carcass corned beef hamburger poultry meat processing chicken ham skinless chicken longanisa chicken tocino duck ham salted egg purch business guide series

9965 Behavior of research organizations: Philippine cases in agriculture and natural resources. research organizations researchers organizational behavior

Lumanta, M.F.; Cuyno, R.V. (eds.)


10338 Bending the wind: Lessons from Mt. Makiling: Empowering people for natural resource management. environmental protection forest protection Mount Makiling Philippines forest protection policy Mt. Makiling

Bagadion, Benjamin C., Jr.


10305 Beyond farmer first: Rural people's knowledge, agricultural research and extension practice. knowledge indigenous knowledge watershed management farmers participatory methods innovations livelihoods researchers landcare extension systems sustainable agriculture quality control

Scoones, I.; Thompson, J. (eds.)


10614 Beyond performance management: Why, when, and how to use 40 tools and best practices for superior business performance. organizational effectiveness, performance measurement, total quality management, performance evaluation, customer value, strategic planning, risk management, key performance indicators, performance appraisals, outsourcing, rewards, recognition,

Hope, Jeremy


9972 Beyond the numbers: Understanding the institutions for monitoring poverty reduction strategies. poverty monitoring system diagnostic tool

Bedi, Tara; Coudouel, Aline; Cox, Marcus; Goldstein, Markus; Thornton, Nigel


10566 Bio-intensive gardening. bio-intensive gardening diversification companion cropping crop rotation fenceline crops composting liquid fertilizer fish emulsion green manuring cultural pest control multiple cropping mechanical control biological pest control purch gabay sa negosyo