List of Serials : 8272

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
8055 A cross-age study on the understanding of the reactions involved in basic inorganic chemistry qualitative analysis. inorganic chemistry framework administration

Kim Chwee Daniel, Tan; Ngoh Khang, Goh; Lian Sai, Chia

serials journal of science and mathematics education in southeast asia

14357 A cross-regional comparison of growth in Japanese black calves animal industry; temperature-humidity index; calf; heat stress; cold stress

Nabenishi, Hisashi; Yamazaki, Atusi

serials japan agricultural research quarterly (jarq)

15377 A culture-based approach to teaching reading to the Grade 9 students of the Lumban National High School in 2018 and 2019 culture-based; reading; habit; culture; traditions

Garantuza, E.A.

serials journal of southeast asian education

14523 A cup of story: Red Soil Cafe and Coffee Roastery coffee; cafe; Baguio City

Malabed, Liwliwa

serials agriculture magazine

5553 A curse in RP is a goldmine in Korea. golden kuhol gourmet food weed control serials agriculture magazine

5750 A dangerous mixture. toxicity antibiotics animals salinomycin ionophore antibiotics tiamulin

Landicho, Elito Ferry

serials agriculture magazine

4518 A database for the industrial trawl fishery of Cote d'Ivoire. trawl fishery database MS ACCESS

Menard, F.; Hoepffner, J.; Nordstrom, V.; Joanny, T.; Konan, J.

serials naga: the iclarm quarterly

3910 A dehusking machine for coconuts. Coconut dehusking machine

Bindir, U.B.; Fletcher, T.

serials the philippine journal of coconut studies

6125 A delicacy made from millet. millet native delicacy

Abello, Melpha M.

serials agriculture magazine

7432 A Detached Leaf Culture Technique for Resistance Screening Against Bacterial Pustule in Soybean. disease resistance screening technique xanthomonas campestris pv. glycines

Preecha Surin; Nalinee Srivakorn; Bruce Imrie; Robert Lawn

serials the kasetsart journal : natural science