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3354 A comparison of monofilament gillnet and small hook longline selectivity in a multispecies artisinal fishery in the Algarve, Southern Portugal

Erzini, K.;

serials naga: the iclarm quarterly

6509 A comparison of rearing pacific white shrimp (Liptopenaeus vannamei Boone, 1931) in earthen ponds and in ponds lined with polyethylene. pacific white shrimp liptopenaeus vannamei lined pond polyethylene earthen pond

Onanong Prawitwilaikul; Chalor Limsuwan; Wara Taparhudee; Niti Chuchird

serials the kasetsart journal : natural science

7471 A Comparison of Selection Methods for the Improvement of Sorghum Population KU.8. sorghum population improvement

Watcharin Soonsuwon

serials the kasetsart journal : natural science

8161 A comparison of the achievement of Chinese middle school and Australian high school students in number, logic and space. chinese middle school australian high school number logic space

Turner, Rodney

serials journal of science and mathematics education in southeast asia

8767 A computational fluid dynamic study on improving raw fuel injection distributions in front of diesel oxidation catalysts. diesel oxidation catalysts fuel injection

Watcharin Chantarasuwan; Ekathai Wirojsakunchai

serials the kasetsart journal

5405 A cooperative approach to the South China Sea. Spratly Island South China Sea cooperation law of the sea

Gault, I.T.

serials tropical coasts

13348 A cost-effective solution to partially replace vitamin E oxidative imbalance; animals; livestock; polyphenols serials agriculture magazine

7290 A couple's winning strategies in the orchid business. orchids dendrobium seedlings fertilizer hormone

Sarian, Zac B.

serials agriculture magazine

7943 A critical assessment of the rusch theory on soil fertility as basis for soil management in organic farming. rusch-test soil fertility organic-biologic agriculture soil tilth humus quality soil life surface-composting Hans Peter Rusch

Paulsen, Hans M.

serials landbauforschung vti agriculture and forestry research

8773 A critical difference between the promotion of "Nature of Science" instruction outside and inside Thailand. teaching learning science curriculum Thailand

Luecha Ladachart; Ladapa Suttakun; Chatree Faikamta

serials the kasetsart journal