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12829 4 Easy ways to remove pesticide residues in veggies we cook vegetables chemical pesticides

Sarian, Zac B.

serials agriculture magazine

4920 40 kg certified seeds are enough per hectare. Plant production : Crop husbandry rice certified seeds

Asis, Olive Rose M.; Abaoag, Lea DR.

serials agriculture

3761 5 New rice varieties released. Tubigan 1 Tubigan 2 Matatag 9 Mestiso 2 Mestiso 3 rice

Zagado, Ronan G.

serials agriculture

15378 5Es teaching and learning model for a 21st-century STEM program for General Chemistry 1 5Es learning model; STEM curriculum; chemistry

Soltura, R.T.

serials journal of southeast asian education

4882 7 Tips in direct-seeding rice. Direct sowing : Crop husbandry integrated pest management

Asis, Olive Rose M.; Asis, Constancio A. Jr.

serials agriculture

7128 8 PhilRice-bred varieties released. rice varieties

Biag, Hanah HMM

serials agriculture magazine

4868 8 Tips in growing hybrid rice. Planting : Crop husbandry seeds seeding rate seedlings transplanting pests of plants harvesting Mestizo Philippines serials agriculture

6037 9 SEA experts receive financial aid for promising researchers. grantees Seed Fund for Strategic Research and Training SEARCA serials agriculture magazine

14163 9 tips for keeping an urban garden well-watered despite el nino urban gardening

Villa, Jane

serials agriculture magazine

4343 A "suite" deal for peanut farmers. FarmSuite computer programs Irrigator Pro expert system peanut serials agriculture