List of Serials : 8328

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8385 "STANDZ". animal salmonella poultry

Sison, Jaime, A.

serials agriculture magazine

9002 "Superfood" and farms in Calabarzon. brassicas cabbages mustards cauliflower cole crops crucifers

Rodriguez, Tony A.

serials agriculture magazine

5704 "Tipping Point" concept of pig disease. pigs animals diseases

Landicho, Elito Ferry

serials the philippine agriculture magazine

16035 "Upgrading" Indonesia's digital agriculture through research and application during the COVID-19 pandemic big data; COVID-19; digital agriculture

Mangurai, Silvia Uthari Nuzaverra Mayang; Solikhin, Achmad; Octaviani, Eti Artiningsih; Anidah

serials searca agriculture and development notes 2022 11-1

6221 "Walking the pens": An educational guide to individual pig care (Part 1). pigs barn preparation feeding disease control disinfection

Sison, Jaime Abella

serials agriculture magazine

15920 #MeToo: A comparative study of the #MeToo movement in the United States and South Korea using collective action frames and hashtag feminism #MeToo; social movement; framing; collective action frames; feminism; hashtag feminism

Mendoza, Ma. Jestine J.

serials philippine journal of public policy (pjpp)

14722 ''Kangkong Queen" helps her community while fully rehabilitating her organic farm after typhoons Yolanda and Ursula organic farm; crops; legumes; Fabaceae; lettuce; Lactuta sativa; kangkong; Ipomoea aquatica; cabbage; Brassica oleracea; typhoon

Hubilla, Ellaine Kryss

serials agriculture magazine

5753 10 Steps to successful hybrid corn production. hybrid corn production land preparation fertilizer application irrigation cultivation insect control disease control harvesting drying serials agriculture magazine

12872 113th KSK farmers training for sustainable agriculture benefits indigenous people Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Training Program on Sustainable Agriculture Obo-Manobo tribe serials agriculture magazine

14167 12 tons of expensive mushrooms produced every day mushroom; products; Taiwan

Sarian, Zac B.

serials agriculture magazine