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3920 A 5 1/2-yr study on the incidence of slug caterpillars on coconuts in Agusan del Norte, Philippines. Coconut slug caterpillar Parasa philepida pests of plants damage assessment

Escalona, R.T.; Abad, R.G.

serials the philippine journal of coconut studies

5314 A 55-kD Calcium dependent protein kinase phosphorylated Thr residues from the auto-regulatory domain of plasma membrane H+-ATPase in rice. ATPase activity cold stress plasma membrane phosphorylation

Tetsuya Ookura; Setsuko Komatsu; Yukio Kawamura; Kunihiro Kasamo

serials japan agricultural research quarterly (jarq)

9412 A baseline study on livelihood initiatives among women entrepreneurs in Real, Infanta, and General Nakar (RelNa) in the province of Quezon. women entrepreneurs livelihood enterprise entrepreneurship micro-enterprise

Africa, Leila S.; Maneja, Charina P.; Gonzales, Pamela A.; Castañeda, Ana B.; Lalap, Belinda A.; Miranda, Marcelina C.; Moredo, Peter Jayson A.

serials journal of human ecology

7186 A big jatropha project in Negros Occidental. jatropha projects Negros Occidental

Sarian, Zac B.

serials agriculture magazine

7734 A big tilapia hatchery in Calauan, Laguna. fishes tilapia hatchery fingerlings

Guerrero, Rafael D. III

serials agriculture magazine

3220 A bio-socioeconomic model for the management of the small pelagic fishery in Northwest Peninsular Malaysia fishery management Malaysia

Tai Shzee Yew

serials naga: the iclarm quarterly

13472 A biostimulant that works like magic on stressed plants biostimulants; Megafol; plants serials agriculture magazine

9323 A bountiful harvest festival at an urban farm school. organic backyard gardening

Yap, Julio P. Jr.

serials agriculture magazine

13502 A bountiful onion harvest festival in Mindoro harvest; onion

Yap, Javier P. Jr.

serials agriculture magazine

13383 A bountiful rooftop garden garden

Godin, Edgar S.

serials agriculture magazine