List of Serials : 8328

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
6103 A commercial dairy goat farm in Laguna. goat raising milk production

Sarian, Zac B.

serials agriculture magazine

8746 A commercial dragon fruit farm in Claveria, Cagayan. dragon fruit

Rodriguez, Tony A.

serials agriculture magazine

3824 A comparative cytochemical study of mature makapuno and normal coconut endosperm. Makapuno coconut endosperm cellular cytochemical differences

Sebastian, L.C.; Mujer, C.V.; Mendoza, Evelyn Mae T.

serials the philippine journal of coconut studies

15400 A Comparative SEM of the mathematics performances of the Philippines and Singapore based on 2018 PISA mathematics performance; multi-group analysis; 2018 PISA; SEM

Mabansaga, A.B.; Adanzab, J.G.

serials journal of southeast asian education

3924 A comparative study of the antimicrobial activity of monolaurin in combination with ethanol versus 70% ethyl alcohol in hand antiseptic gels. Monolaurin hand gel preparation Pseudomonas aeruginosa Acinetobacter baumannii Staphylococcus epidermidis Enterobacter sp. Candida sp.

Gamboa, G.G.; Carandang, E.V.

serials the philippine journal of coconut studies

3830 A comparative study of the growth and nitrogen accumulation capacity of hybrid coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) seedlings. Coconut nitrogen uptake efficiency nitrate reductase leaf area dry matter accumulation

Shivashankar, S.; Kasturi Bai, K.V.

serials the philippine journal of coconut studies

6867 A comparative study on some muscle properties, and sensory evaluation of meat from swamp buffalo and brahman cross cattle finished on 3 levels of concentrate. meat swamp buffalo cattle fiber diameter sensory evaluation

Chainarong Kanthapanit; Chanporn Chaosap

serials the kasetsart journal : natural science

3862 A comparison of germ cell antigenotoxic activity of non-dietary and dietary coconut oil and soybean. Coconut oil soybean oil genotoxins germ cells

Lim-Sylianco, C.Y.; Mallorca, R.; Serrame, E.; Wu, L.S.

serials the philippine journal of coconut studies

5310 A comparison of in situ leaf photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence at the top canopies in rainforest mature trees. Dipterocarpus cornutus Macaranga gigantea nitrogen use leaf area canopy gas exchange chlorophyll fluorescence

Atsushi Ishida; Takeshi Toma; Marjenah

serials japan agricultural research quarterly (jarq)

3239 A comparison of length-related and age-related growth parameters of Newaiby Otolithes ruber in Kuwait waters fisheries

Almatar, S.

serials naga: the iclarm quarterly