List of Books : 3846

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
445 A modern introduction to food microbiology : Basic microbiology, volume 8. food microbiology microorganisms contamination radiation asepsis pasteurization appertization water sewage treatment food-mediated diseases microbial food spoilage

Board, R.G.


1987 A national wetland action plan for the Republic of the Philippines. wetlands, conservation, legislation, wildlife, wilderness, mangroves, fisheries, catchments, dams, reservoirs, pollution, law enforcement, public participation, nongovernmental organizations, tourism, recreation, aquaculture, water pollution, destruction, estuaries, coral reefs, lakes, river basins, seagrass beds, species, environmental impact assessment, marine turtles, dugong, crocodiles, seabirds, waterbirds, policy review, Cabulao Bay, Olango Island, Inabanga Coast, Malampaya Sound, Siargao Island, Balayan Bay, Buguey Wetlands, Tayabas Bay, Talabong Island, Bais Bay, Panguil Bay, Ulugan Bay, Manila Bay, Agusan Marsh, Lake Manguao, Naujan Lake, Sab-a Basin, Lake Lanao, Liguasan Marsh, Candaba Swamp, Lake Taal, Lake Maughan, Laguna de Bay, book

324 A new approach to setting the future transport agenda transport policy funding Philippines

Allport, Roger; Key, Geoff; Melhuish, Charles

book adb occasional papers no.16

13647 A participatory approach to micro-resilience planning by community institutions - The case of Mahewa ward in Gorakhpur City climate change; resilience; micro-resilience planning; community initiatives; vulnerability; sustainability; dissemination; participatory approaches

Nivedita Mani; Wajih, Shiraz A.

book asian cities climate resilience working paper series 7: 2014

13096 A perspective on the crises and the future paths of museums: An overview of museum developments in east asia museum

Mizushima, Eiji


3105 A policy dialogue on rice futures: rice-based farming systems research in the Mekong region : Proceedings of a dialogue held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 7-9 May 2014. Proceedings of a dialogue held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 7-9 May 2014. rice policy development challenges rice-farming systems future rice cultivars rice-based lowland cropping systems Cambodia HARVEST market-focused integrated crop groundwater use Adaptation to Climate Change in Asia subsistence-oriented rice farming research and extension book aciar proceedings series 142

2313 A practical field guide to weeds of rice in Asia. weeds species growth habit moisture seed contaminant cultural control dormancy flower elevation light

Caton, B.P.; Mortimer, M.; Hill, J.E.


1299 A primer on agriculture and natural resources biotechnology. agriculture biotechnology genetic engineering transgenic plants Bacillus thuringiensis book pcarrd farm primer no.20/2000

13093 A primer on climate changed adaptation in the Philippines climate change; adaptation; mitigation; tropical forest; agroforestry systems

Jaranilla-Sanchez, P.A.; Lasco, R.D.; Villamor, G.B.; Gerpacio, R.; Nilo, G.P.; Villegas, K.L.


926 A primer on community-based mangrove forest management Philippines, Mangrove forest, forestation, forest protection, forest resource utilization, livelihood, nongovernmental organizations, book