List of Books : 3846

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
768 A farmer's primer on growing cowpea on riceland Vigna unguiculuta cowpeas yield reducers cropping systems tillage planting fertilizer harvesting storage dry matter production shoot roots

Pandey, R.K.


749 A farmer's primer on growing rice. rice, rice plant, seeds, farm management, water management, weeds, herbicides, transplanting, fertilizers, farm analysis,

Vergara, Benito S.


569 A field guide for on-farm experimentation Agriculture Research Food production Food security Sustainability International cooperation

Mutsaers, H.J.W.; Weber, G.K.; Walker, P.; Fisher, N.M.


2703 A field guide to Philippine rattans. rattan morphology distribution habitat uses collecting method species varieties

Lapis, Aida B.


15838 A food security framework for collaboration food security; agricultural productivity; climate change

Teng, Paul S.

book searca agriculture and development discussion paper series no. 2013-5

1645 A framework for establishing priorities in a country poverty reduction strategy. poverty analysis

Duncan, Ron; Pollard, Steve

book erd working paper series no.15

1940 A framework for improving the management of irrigation schemes in Vietnam : Proceedings of a workshop held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 28 November 2003. Proceedings of a workshop held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 28 November 2003. irrigation systems water flows financial viability water use pricing arrangements institutional arrangement gross margin analysis irrigation companies modelling Vietnam

Malano, H.M.; George, B.A.; Davidson, B. (eds.)

book aciar proceedings no. 118

239 A framework for seed policy analysis in developing countries seed industry government policies

Pray, C.E.; Bharat Ramaswami


1501 A framework to strengthen rural-based organizations as strategy for higher productivity cooperatives rural-based organizations

Bonifacio, Manuel F.

book working paper no. 99-02

2781 A gendered analysis of decentralisation reform in Cambodia. gender analysis decentralization governance political engagement

Sedara, Kim; Ojendal, Joakim; Nareth, Chhoun; Tem, Ly

book cdri working paper series no. 71