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15777 3rd DL Umali Award Lecture - Revolutionizing agricultural science and farming technology: Chemical flower induction of mango tissue culture; mango industry; ARD; DLU

Barba, Ramon C.


15584 3rd IDRC-SEARCA Fellowship Plus Conference-Workshop - Conference Report land use change; ecosystem services; upland rice production; extension; livestock production technology; drought tolerance; cassava marketing; flash flood; livelihood; goat; mulberry; basal diet; sorting machine; mandarin; ecotourism; agroforestry book

1817 3rd International Symposium of Horticultural Economics in Developing Countries and 1st International Conference of Women in Horticultural Dev't :. Proceeding. Proceeding. horticulture industry investment agribusiness horticulture development gender concerns women verticulture vegetable industry plastic house passion fruit juices marketing price monitoring salak farming pepper coffee land tenure garlic production soil conservation financial analysis book

15778 4th DL Umali Award Lecture - Dare to turn around for agricultural success: Farmers as key change agents plant disease; Blue Economy Model; Green revolution technology; agricultural research; ARD; DLU

Baharsjah, Sjarifudin


3113 50 biotech bites. plant breeding tissue culture plant disease diagnostics microbial fermentation molecular breeding marker-assisted selection gene switching Genetic Use Restriction Technologies RNA interference agricultural nanotechnology genomics proteomics metabolomics biotechnology plant products GM crops benefits GM crop traits biopharmaceuticals Cartagena protocol on Biosafety book biotech information series no. 2

2690 50 Years of Malaysian agriculture: Transformational issues, challenges and direction agriculture environment sustainable agriculture food safety food consumption economy Halal food rice industry fruits industry vegetable industry floriculture industry palm oil industry rubber industry cocoa industry pepper industry forestry fisheries livestock industry poultry agrotourism food processing industry labor biotechnology agricultural communication agricultural extension agricultural and rural development

Arshad, Fatimah M.; Abdullah, Nik Mustapha R.; Kaur, Bisant; Abdullah, Amin Mahir (eds.)


15779 5th D.L. Umali Award Lecture - Disruptive innovation for transformational agricultural development in Myanmar: Empowering smallholder farmers to become agribusiness entrepreneurs disruptive innovation; transformational agricultural development; Myanmar

Tin Htut Oo


15356 75 Important invasive plant species in Indonesia invasive plant species; distribution; description; Indonesian

Sri Sudarmiyati Tijtrosoedirdjo; Imam Mawardi; Soekisman Tijtrosoedirdjo


13095 7th Asia-Pacific agriculture policy forum: Agri-business and human resource development in agriculture for Asia-Pacific region agricultural negotiations; regional cooperation; agribusiness; agro-food industries; agriculture resource management; biofuel development; food price; bio-security; food safety; biodiversity; environment; rural development; human resource development; capacity building; agricultural competitiveness; climate change mitigation; adaptation; food security; sustainable development book

1830 A 2020 vision for food, agriculture, and the environment: Speeches made at an international conference food supply resource depletion population integrated pest management poverty sustainable agriculture book