List of Books : 3846

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
1868 A GIS-based characterization of livestock and feed resources in the humid and sub-humid zones in five countries in South-East Asia : CASREN Paper. CASREN Paper. animal species livestock population density human feed supply roughages crop residues livestock density site selection research market access Indonesia Philippines Thailand Vietnam China

Lapar, M.L.A.; Jabbar, M.A.


13932 A guide to climate change response: A learning manual for Cambodia organisations and institutions climate change; adaptation planning; climatic risk assessment; participatory tools; impacts; disaster risk; mitigation; human rights book

1423 A guide to learning agroforestry : A framework for developing agroforestry curricula in Southeast Asia. A framework for developing agroforestry curricula in Southeast Asia. Agroforestry education curriculum development tree domestication policies participatory planning technology generation monitoring and evaluation

Rudebjer, Per G.; Taylor, Peter; Del Castillo, Romulo A. (eds.

book training and education report no. 51

413 A guide to the ecosystems of Palawan, Philippines coral reefs seagrass beds mangroves caves grassland rivers beaches tidal pools freshwater swamps lowland forests Philippines book

803 A guide to the zygotic embryo culture of coconut palms (Cocos nucifera L.) Coconut Cocos nucifera Storage Germination Embryo culture Plant propagation

Ashburner, G.R.; Faure, M.G.; Tomlinson, D.R.; Thompson, W.K.

book aciar technical reports 36

14177 A guide to tilapia farming tilapia; hatchery; breeding; pond breeding; tank breeding; net cage breeding; artificial rearing; handling; fingerlings; integrated farming systems; parasites; diseases; postharvest handling; marketing

Guerrero III, Rafael D.


1791 A guide to understanding the environment. environment ecosystems energy nutrient cycles

Ashton-Jones, N.J.

book essentials of protected area management in the philippines, vol. 2

2163 A guidebook for sugarcane in Japan. sugarcane production cultivation plant breeding geographical distribution cane sugar industry mechanization germplasm collection plant diseases insect pests

Takagi, H.; Sato, M.; Matsuoka, M.


1604 A handbook for integrated economic and environmental planning at the subnational level in Asia. Sustainable development economic planning environmental planning coastal environment Songkhla Lake Basin Klang Valley Haihe River Basin Thailand Malaysia China Indonesia

King, Peter


1476 A handbook for rapid appraisal of fisheries management systems (Version 1). rapid appraisal fisheries management research design survey secondary data analysis reconnaissance survey field data collection community validation report writing

Pido, M.D.; Pomeroy, R.S.; Carlos, M.B.; Garces, L.R.