List of Books : 3846

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
2737 A baseline survey of sub-national government: Towards a better understanding of decentralisation and deconcentration in Cambodia : Special Report 12. Special Report 12. decentralization local government

Sreang, Chheat; Pide, Lun; Sedara, Kim; Seiha, Heng; Sethea, Sok; Nareth, Chhoun


2773 A basic consumer price index for Cambodia 1993-2009. consumer price index markets

Carpenter, Keith; Dorina, Pon

book cdri working paper series no. 67

14424 A basket full of options for sustainable banana production in Asia and the Pacific: A manual for banana growers and extension workers bananas; nursery; site selection; irrigation; fertilization; mulching; weed management; desuckering; sanitation; pest and diseases management; harvesting; marketing; products

Van den Bergh, Inge; Molina, Agustin B.


816 A beginner's sourcebook on Philippine rattan rattan, harvesting, plant production, treatment, furniture industry, fertilizer application, weeding, mulching, plant protection, book

2455 A better place to work: Safety, health and productivity: Action manual for workers. materials storage and handling work-station design machine safety hazardous substances lighting welfare facilities premises work organization book

84 A case study on the compilation of natural resource accounts in the Philippines. Philippines fishery resources forest resources mineral resources book enra report no. 1

2831 A collection of Philippine Hoyas and their culture. Philippine Hoyas, species, flower, inflorescence, breeding, commercialization, cultural requirements, clonal propagation,

Aurigue, Fernando B.

book book series no.2/2013

2845 A comparative analysis of institutional arrangements in watershed development projects in India. watershed development monitoring sustainability

Sreedevi, T.K.; Vamsidhar Reddy, T.S.; Wani, S.P.; Dave, S.; D'Souza, M.; Kumari, A.S.; Veera Raju, P.V.

book global theme on agroecosystems report no. 50

2263 A comparison of lycopene and other phytochemicals in tomatoes grown under conventional and organic management systems. tomato site selection organic farming pest management soil sampling

Lumpkin, Heidi M.

book technical bulletin no. 34

1772 A compilation of environment and natural resources policy issuances, CY 1992. forestry land mines environment protected areas wildlife republic acts Memorandum orders Circular Administrative orders policies book