List of Books : 3846

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
1773 A compilation of environment and natural resources policy issuances, CY 1994. forestry, land, mines, environment, protected areas, wildlife, republic acts, Memorandum orders, Circular, Administrative orders, policies, book

1774 A compilation of environment and natural resources policy issuances, CY 1995. forestry land mines environment protected areas wildlife republic acts Memorandum orders Circular Administrative orders Presidential proclamations Executive orders policies book

2592 A cost and benefit analysis of the community forestry project in Chumkiri District, Kampot Province, Cambodia. forest management community forestry non-community forestry timber forest products non-timber forest products soil erosion cost-benefit analysis

Hou, Kalyan; Im, Sothunvathanak Meas Mared; Ros, Chanthy; Keam, Han

book eepsea research report no. 2010-rr10

2289 A cost-benefit analysis of alternative pig waste disposal methods used in Thailand. swine manure farm manure biogas industry pig waste disposal pollution Thailand

Siriporn Kiratikarnkul

book research report no. 2008-rr2

2377 A differential system for blast resistance for stable rice production environment. rice blast disease rice Pyricularia grisea Philippines China Vietnam India Indonesia

Fukuta, Yoshimichi; Vera Cruz, Casiana M.; Kobayashi, Nobuya (eds.)

book jircas working report no. 53

14267 A directory of farm schools, tourist farms and learning sites in the Philippines farm school; tourist farm; learning sites; farm tourism; Philippines book

2285 A dynamic computable general equilibrium analysis of environmental taxation and rural-urban migration distortions in China. environmental impact charges environmental policy environmental protection pollution prevention rural-urban migration environmental taxation pollution emissions health damages China

Cao, Jing

book research report no. 2006-rr9

110 A fact sheet Philippines and ADB loans bilateral loan commercial loan multilateral loan book

15741 A factor analytical model of technical efficiency in rice farming rice farming; factor analysis; statistical model



2156 A fair share? Experiences in benefit sharing from community-managed resources in Asia. community-based natural resource management benefit sharing Cambodia Lao PDR Vietnam Mekong Region

Mahanty, Sango; Burslem, Kenneth; Lee, Erica (eds.)