List of Books : 3846

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags Series
862 A handbook for weed control in rice weeds weed control herbicides irrigated rice upland rice rice farming

Kwesi Ampong-Nyarko; De Datta, S.K.


436 A handbook of alkaloids and alkaloid-containing plants genera alkaloids family molecular formulas molecular weights chemical nomenclature botanical nomenclature

Mew, T.W.; Gonzales, P.


3078 A handbook of beach plants in the Philippines. beach forest species

Palis, Honorato G.


1702 A handbook of rice seedborne fungi. rice, seed, fungi, seed health,

Mew, T.W.


1957 A handbook on Philippine sweet potato arthropod pests and their natural enemies. sweet potato, pests of plants, species, biology, nature of damage, natural enemies, pest control,

Amalin, D.M.


740 A manual of rice seed health testing seed health, seed quarantine, bacteria, nematodes, insect pests, weed seed, seed treatment, viruses, fungal pathogens, book

3102 A manual on computing carrying capacity of ecotourism sites in protected areas. carrying capacity Boullon's Carrying Capacity Mathematical Model ecotourism development

Calanog, Lope A.


542 A meta-analysis of rates of return to agricultural R&D: ex pede herculem? research impacts evaluation research and development

Alston, Julian M.; Chan-Kang, C.; Marra, M.C.; Pardey, P.G.; Wyatt, T.J.

book ifpri research report 113

2862 A methodology for assessment of the impact of microfinance on empowerment and vulnerability. microfinance social capital empowerment rapid rural appraisal risk management

Gaiha, Raghav; Thapa, Ganesh


2074 A model lake plan for a local community. lakes water cycle water quality watershed fish wildlife boating regulations shore development

Klessig, Lowell; Sorge, Buzz; Korth, Robert; Dresen, Michael; Bode, Jeff