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15433 Circular agriculture for sustainable and low-carbon development in the People’s Republic of China circular agriculture; low-carbon development; greenhouse gas emissions; agriculture; organic waste; circular crop–livestock model; People’s Republic of China

Kimura, Shingo; Chen, Kevin; Gong, Binlei

weblinks adb briefs no. 232

13988 Climate action report 2018 climate change; mainstreaming tools; climate risks; climate finance tracking; impact assessments; SECAP; CREFA; Asia and the Pacific; Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean

Soma Chakrabarti


14833 Climate and livestock policy coherence analysis in Burkina Faso, Niger, Rwanda, Nepal, and Cambodia policies; livestock; climate change; emissions; resilience; Burkina Faso; Niger; Rwanda; Nepal; Cambodia

Ashley Laurie

weblinks ccafs working paper no. 311

14738 Climate change and land: An IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems land–climate interactions; desertification; land degradation; greenhouse gas fluxes; risk management; decision-making; sustainable development weblinks

13710 Climate change operational framework 2017–2030: Enhanced actions for low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development climate change; disaster risk management; greenhouse emission; sustainable development weblinks

14889 Climate change risk and adaptation assessment for irrigation in Southern Viet Nam: Water efficiency improvement in drought-affected provinces agriculture and natural resources; agricultural and food productivity; climate change; climate risks; adaptation assessment; climate resilient development; water; rural water; water resource management; Vietnam weblinks

14778 Climate change vulnerability assessments of forests and forest dependent people: A framework methodology climate change; forest management; mitigation; adaptation; impact assessment; community forestry; vulnerability assessments

Meybeck, A.; Rose, S.; Gitz, V.

weblinks fao forestry paper no. 183

14847 Climate risk mapping in the Philippines for sub-national targeting and prioritization for crop diversification to increase resilience of the agricultural sector high risk zones; climate change; root and tuber crops; Philippines

Bragais, Milben; Mohanty, S.; Baruah, Sampriti


14982 Climate-resilient development pathways. SADC Futures: Developing Foresight Capacity for Climate Resilient Agricultural Development Knowledge Series. CCAFS Report climate change; agriculture; food security; resilience

Chesterman, Sabrina; Neely, Constance; Thornton, Philip K.; Pereira, Laura


15178 Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA): Training Manual agriculture; food security; climate change; climate smart agriculture; gender equality; social inclusion; Asia; Southern Asia

Bhusal, Aastha; Khatri, Laxman; Bhandari, Bharat; Sherpa, Lakpa; Neupane, Grishma