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15317 Agrifood systems and COVID-19 – Analysis of policy responses in countries with food crisis situations (2020-2021) COVID-19; impact assessment; agrifood systems; food access; food insecurity; economic crises; indicators; vaccines; resilience; policies; governance; Afghanistan; Bolivia (Plurinational State of); Central African Republic; Colombia; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Ethiopia; Haiti; Honduras; Iraq; Mali; Nigeria; Somalia; South Sudan; Sudan; Zimbabwe

Jafari, A.; Stamoulis, K.


14693 Agripreneurship: Engaging young people in the agriculture sector in the Gaza Strip agripreneurship; youth; agriculture weblinks

14821 Agroforestry for climate-resilient landscapes (Training manual) agroforestry; climate change adaptation; climate resilience weblinks

14745 Aligning development co-operation and climate action: The only way forward, the development dimension Paris Agreement; development cooperation; sustainable development; climate change weblinks

15053 An Innovation in Agricultural Science and Technology Extension System – Case study on science and technology backyard food production; small scale farming; agricultural research for development; technology; agricultural sciences; science and technology backyard; innovations; technology transfer; agricultural knowledge

Yang, P.; Jiao, X.; Feng, D.; Ramasamy, S.; Zhang, H.; Mroczek, Z.; Zhang, W.


15112 An outlook on Asia’s agricultural and rural transformation: Prospects and options for making it an inclusive and sustainable one agricultural transformation; sustainable development; rural economy; climate change; smallholders; agribusiness; poverty; agrifood; Asia

Bresciani, Fabrizio; Chalmers, Thomas; Terzano, Dilva; Gaiha, Raghav; Thapa, Ganesh; Kaicker, Nidhi


14379 Analysis of long-term challenges for agricultural markets total factor productivity; agricultural prices; trade modelling; agricultural productivity; climate change; food security

Saunders, John T.;  Adenauer, Marcel; Brooks, Jonathan

weblinks agriculture and fisheries papers no. 131

13839 Answering critical questions on mining in the Philippines Philippine mining; sustainable development; social and environmental responsibility; bureaucracy; poverty alleviation; corruption; the triple bottom-line; revenue; taxes

Clemente, Eligia D.; Domingo, Sonny N.; Manejar, Arvie Joy A.

weblinks discussion paper series no. 2018-38

14371 Applying the OECD principles on water governance to floods : A checklist for action flood; flood governance; water governance; critical risks; checklist weblinks

14667 Approaches to organic rice-based production: Meeting the challenges of low-external-input rice production system green agriculture; value chain; organic agriculture; breeding rice genotypes; nutrition management; organic rice; macronutrients; organic fertilizer; bio-pesticides; soil micronutrients; pest and disease management; organic farming technologies; rice yield; Palayamanan Model; Mindoro weblinks