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14676 Biodiversity: Finance and the economic and business case for action biodiversity; finance; loss; ecosystem restoration; business weblinks

14739 Blockchain for food: Making sense of technology and the impact on biofortified seeds blockchain technology; food technology; seed biofortification; food systems; food production; farmers; governance; supply chain

De Ruyter de Wildt, M.; Van Ginkel, M.; Coppoolse, K.; van Maarseveen, B.; Walton, J.; Kruseman, G.

weblinks community of practice on socio-economic data report copsed-2019-002

14757 Blockchain technology for agriculture: Applications and rationale blockchain technology; food supply chain; agricultural insurance; smart agriculture; smart contract

Xiong Hang; Dalhaus Tobias; Wang Puging; Huang Jiaun

weblinks front. blockchain 3:7

15107 Breaking barriers with breeding: A primer on new breeding innovations for food security plant breeding; food security; breeding; livestock; innovations; agriculture; genome editing; South Asia; Southeast Asia weblinks isaaa brief no. 56

15050 Building agricultural market information systems: A literature review agriculture; markets; buildings; information systems; agricultural crisis; Viet Nam; Caribbean; Ghana; Kenya; Malawi; Senegal; Pacific Islands

Fonteneau, Francois; Khalil, Clara Aida


16402 Building global sustainability through local self-reliance: Lessons from landcare landcare; sustainability; agricultural extension; natural resource management; renewable resources; landcare ethics; governance

Dale, Allan; Curnow, Jayne; Campbell, Andrew; Seigel, Michael (Eds)

weblinks aciar monograph no. 219

15432 Building horticulture value chains and reducing postharvest losses in Pakistan horticulture; value chains; postharvest losses; potatoes; green chilies; apples; infrastructure development; Pakistan

Ghafoor, Abdul; Basher, Md. Abul; Badar, Hammad; Lee, Sangjun

weblinks adb briefs no. 235

13213 Building resilience for sustainable ASEAN from water-related disasters - Executive summary report water; natural disasters; climate change; disaster management; hazards; water security; Asia; Pacific; ASEAN; Brunei Darussalam; Cambodia; Laos; Malaysia; Myanmar; Indonesia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam

Keizrul bin Abdullah


13202 Building resilience through Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE): Moving towards a comprehensive SAFE Framework energy; resilience; sustainable livelihood; disaster risks; climate change; women; health; safety; conflict sensitivity; gender equality; renewable energy; alternative fuels; sustainable natural resources; forest management; disaster risk reduction; climate change adaptation; mitigation weblinks

14747 Building resilient cities An assessment of disaster risk management policies in Southeast Asia disaster risk management; policies; governance structure; Indonesia; Thailand; Philippines; Malaysia; Vietnam; Southeast Asia weblinks