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13731 Atlas of sustainable development goals from world development indicators 2018 sustainable development; poverty; hunger; health; education; gender equality; clean water; clean energy; economic growth; industry; innovation; infrastructure; climate change weblinks

14688 Attracting and retaining youth in agriculture: Challenges and prospects agriculture; rural; youth; unemployment; migration

Sukanya Som; Burman, R. Roy; Sharma, J.P.; Padaria, R.N.; Paul, Sudipta; Singh, A.K.


14370 Background notes on sustainable, productive and resilient agro-food systems : Value chains, human capital, and the 2030 Agenda value chains; agro-food value chains; goods and services; agriculture performance; human capital development; agriculture; agricultural innovation; agricultural extension; sustainable development goals; environmental sustainability; climate change; economic growth; food security weblinks

15430 Battling Climate Change and Transforming Agri-Food Systems: Asia–Pacific Rural Development and Food Security Forum 2022 Highlights and Takeaways emissions; climate change; food systems; women; productivity; digital revolution; financing sustainable agriculture; nutrition security; malnutrition; noncommunicable diseases; education; urban farms; diet quality weblinks

13720 Best practices of agri-entrepreneurs in the Philippines agri-entrepreneurship; agribusiness; agriculture; youth

Baticados, Glenn N.


14378 Bio-economy and the sustainability of the agriculture and food system sustainability; bio-economy; agro-food system; coherence; monitoring; policy instruments; innovation

Diakosavvas, Dimitris; Frezal, Clara

weblinks agriculture and fisheries papers no. 136

15409 Biodigesters and green productivity: a sustainable approach to clean cooking biogas; methane gas production process; biogas plants; benefits; polyethylene biodigesters; biofertilizers

Bhowmick, Shuvasish

weblinks productivity insights, vol.3-2

14964 Biodiversity for food and agriculture and ecosystem services - ; Thematic Study for The State of the World's Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture biodiversity; ecosystem services; foods; agriculture; natural resources weblinks

14986 Biodiversity mainstreaming: a review of current theory and practice biodiversity mainstreaming; theories; spatial and land use planning; sustainable production systems; valuation; ecosystem services; policy; co-benefits; trade offs

Smith, Jessica; Bass, Steve; Roe, Dilys


16408 Biodiversity status of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam - Working Paper 31 biodiversity conservation; climate change; food systems

Nguyen DT; Pham TT; Tang TKH