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14978 Adaptation strategies for managing climate and environmental risks while pursuing sustainable and competitive livelihoods: Experiences from AMIA villages agriculture; climate-smart agriculture; food security; climate change; agricultural diversification; climate resilient crops; sustainable mechanization; enterprise development; climate information services; soil and water management; farmers database; learning platform; agricultural financial services; Philippines weblinks

14990 Advanced greenhouse horticulture: New technologies and cultivation practices greenhouse horticulture; technologies; cultivation practices weblinks

15113 Advancing gender equality through agricultural and environmental research: Past, present, and future gender; gender equality; women; agricultural research; environment; research; empowerment; women's empowerment; breeding; value chains; natural resources; water resources; forests; climate mitigation; feminization; natural resource management

Pyburn, Rhiannon; van Eerdewijk, Anouka (eds.)


13833 Advancing the role of natural regeneration in large-scale forest and landscape restoration in the Asia-Pacific region forest and landscape restoration; climate change; tree planting; economic and social impacts; incentives; livelihood; genetic diversity weblinks

15321 Agricultural development: New perspectives in a changing world agricultural development; agriculture; policies; agricultural policies; nutrition; food security; developing countries; water; natural resources; agricultural insurance; trade; gender; credit; households; rural areas; value chains; poverty; urban areas; urbanization; rural economy; climate change; food systems

Otsuka, Keijiro; Fan, Shenggen (Eds.)


13845 Agricultural extension policies in the Philippines: Towards enhancing the delivery of technological services agricultural extension; policies; extension services; Philippines

Ani, Princess Alma B.; Correa, Aleta Belissa D.


14308 Agricultural Indicators System - Agricultural exports and imports, Report No. 2018 - 4 agricultural exports; agricultural imports; foreign trade; world export trade; Philippines weblinks

14316 Agricultural indicators system - Food sufficiency and security, Report No. 2018 - 5 food sufficiency; food security; self-sufficiency ratio; import dependency ratio; cereals stocks; agricultural commodities; rice stocks; corn stocks; Philippines weblinks

14315 Agricultural indicators system - Inputs, Report No. 2018 - 11 fertilizer supply and disposition; retail prices; fertilizer; wage rates; nitrogen and palay price ratio; fertilizer production; imports; sales; exports weblinks

14314 Agricultural indicators system - Output and productivity, Report No. 2019-3 agricultural crops; livestock; poultry; fish; production; area harvested; growth rates; yield indices; Philippines weblinks