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15110 Artificial intelligence for agriculture innovation - Community Paper agriculture innovation; artificial intelligence; smart farming weblinks

14766 ASEAN vision 2040 Volume III : Transforming and deepening the ASEAN community digital and industrial revolution; innovation; technologies; social progress; economic progress; resilience; environmental sustainability; sustainable energy; ICT; vision; ASEAN weblinks

14765 ASEAN vision 2040: Towards a bolder and stronger ASEAN community, Volume 1 vision; digital revolution; industry; ASEAN weblinks

15310 Asia and the Pacific – Regional overview of food security and nutrition 2021 household food security; maternal and child health; infant feeding; nutrition security; nutrition statistics; food insecurity; trends; COVID-19; pandemics; Asia and the Pacific



14021 Asia’s rural-urban disparity in the context of growing inequality income distribution; rural-urban income gaps; income per capita; poverty; Asia

Imai, Katsushi S.; Malaeb, Bilal

weblinks ifad research series 27

14829 Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2020: What drives innovation in Asia? COVID 19; innovation; economic research; information and communications technology; communicable and vector-borne diseases; economic data; industry and trade; entrepreneurship weblinks

14671 Asian economic integration report 2019/2020: Demographic change, productivity, and the role of technology trade; global value chains; investment; financial integration; cooperation; demographic change; productivity; role of technology weblinks

15427 Assessing spatiotemporal differences in shrimp ponds using remote sensing data and machine learning algorithms Jilinmakers 1, Mekong delta, shrimp farming, sustainable aquaculture, TripleSat

Bellam, Pavan Kumar; Gumma, Murali Krishna; Panjala, Pranay; Suzuki, Aya; Mohammed, Ismail

weblinks adbi working paper 1366

13712 Assessment of agribusiness venture arrangements and sugarcane block farming for the modernization of agriculture agribusiness; sugarcane block farming; agrarian reform; banana; pineapple; sugarcane; commercial crops

Pantoja, Blanquita R.; Alvarez, Joanne V.; Sanchez, Flordeliza A.

weblinks pids discussion paper series no. 2017-35

15313 Assessment of agricultural plastics and their sustainability: A call for action agricultural plastics; pollutants; pollution control; waste management; impact assessment; environmental monitoring; action plans weblinks